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General practice

The field of work of general medicine includes the basic care of all patients with physical and mental health disorders in acute and long-term care

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Physiotherapy includes various sub-areas, manual therapy, active movement therapy, fascia technique, taping, spiral dynamics and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). Manual therapy Includes all passive or

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Improvement of physical functioning by restoring the movement of different tissues. Holistic work on all body structures such as the bony skeleton, muscles, fascia, internal

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The treatment of the youngest among us requires special care. Problems detected early can be treated more easily and allow them to grow up without

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A healthy approach to one’s body is important for well-being. Sometimes unhealthy behaviour is unconsciously repeated. This can lead to a lack of vitality and

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The origins of Shiatsu lie in traditional Chinese and Japanese health teachings. Translated, “shi” means fingers and “atsu” means pressure – which is applied with

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Acupuncture/-pressure are methods of treatment from TCM-traditional Chinese medicine whereby the life energy, the Qi, is brought to flow along the meridians (pathways) with needles

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“Psychotherapy is an independent healing method in the health sector for the treatment of psychological, psychosocial or psychosomatic behavioural disorders and states of suffering.” “Hypnosis

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Antigen testing (Roche) and PCR testing (swab collection and lab evaluation) for detection of Covid-19 infections are performed.

We kindly ask you to observe our practice rules.
Normal surgery operations will take place during the pandemic, we ask you to observe the following rules of conduct without fail:

– Appointments by telephone only
– Appear promptly at the appointment
– Observe the currently valid distance rules
– Wear a mask according to legal regulations
– Wash or disinfect your hands after entering the practice.
– Maximum one accompanying person per patient

Thank you for your understanding!

English medical practice in 1190 Vienna

General medicine, physiotherapy, immunology – we are a well-coordinated team, with many years of patient experience, in the inviting premises of the Neustift practice.

With scientifically (EBM) based therapy methods, we are a sought-after address for good health in Vienna.

As an ideally coordinated team, you will find modern health care and treatment with us. We attach particular importance to a holistic approach to health. We treat your pain and complaints after a targeted medical assessment, if necessary in a team with physiotherapy, osteopathy, FDM therapy and Far Eastern therapy methods. We are also happy to advise you on prevention and precautionary measures for the best health.

We speak German, English, French and Spanish.


Our Team

We are pleased to meet you

Klaudia Nösslböck

Klaudia Nösslböck is a self-employed physiotherapist, osteopath and internationally certified FDM therapist (fascia distortion model).After training as a physiotherapist from 1989 -1992, she worked for

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Mag. art. Tina Nitsche

Tina Nitsche is a self-employed Shiatsu practitioner. Through her acting training at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, she developed a strong interest in dealing with the

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Nikola Ehn

Nikola Ehn is a psychotherapist in training under supervision. She works with the method of hypnosis psychotherapy. Her qualifications in qualified health and nursing care

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Valerie Hochreiter

Valerie Hochreiter completed her basic training at the University Clinic Vienna/AKH, graduating with distinction in 2001. The therapist attaches great importance to comprehensive and international

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How to find us

The group practice in the 19th district

Praxis Neustift
Khevenhüllerstr. 20
1190 Wien

19th district with bus 35A to Neustift am Walde, then 400m walk.

18th district with tram 41 to Pötzleinsdorf terminus, continue with bus 41A two stops to Büdingergasse, then 50m on foot.

19th district via Krottenbachstraße to Neustift am Walde and left to Khevenhüllerstraße.

18th district via Pötzleinsdorferstraße
until Khevenhüllerstraße

Parking spaces opposite the practice or 100m further on at Neustifter Friedhof (cemetery)

Wir sind für Sie da.

We are at your service.

We are at your service