Acupuncture/-pressure are methods of treatment from TCM-traditional Chinese medicine whereby the life energy, the Qi, is brought to flow along the meridians (pathways) with needles or pressure at certain points.

For prevention, support or treatment

  • Body acupuncture – acupuncture needles are placed along the meridians, which are usually left in place for about 30min.
  • Yamamoto New Skull Acupuncture (YNSA) – skull acupuncture takes place on the head at specific zones using acupuncture needles
  • Ohacupuncture – sterile disposable needles, permanent needles or pressure patches with seeds
  • Laser acupuncture – acupuncture takes place by means of lasers, whereby certain acupuncture points are activated via lasers
  • Acupressure – with strong manual pressure on acupuncture points or rounded rods (such as Penzel’s rod), points and meridians are moved along. There are several therapy concepts that deal with the meridian system, such as power point technique, acupuncture massage according to Penzel, Tuina, Shonishin, Shiatsu, Nuad, etc.

Application areas:

  • Acupuncture in general
  • Acupuncture for acute or chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system
  • Acupuncture in immunology
  • Acupuncture in children

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DDr. Eva Untersmayr-Elsenhuber

Specialist in Immunology
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Dr. med. univ. Mag. Sophie Chabert


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Dr. med. univ. Katharina Schrei

Dr. Katharina Schrei

General medicine

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