Dr. med. univ. Katharina Schrei

Dr Katharina Schrei is a general practitioner and physiotherapist. In the course of her work in the health profession since 1996, she had completed numerous training courses and gained experience in various professional groups.

Even before her training as a physiotherapist at the AKH, she worked as a therapeutic masseuse at the BVA. As a physiotherapist, she worked in various physical institutes and completed additional training, including sports physiotherapy (Anif Rif, Salzburg) and a 6-year osteopathy training at the IAO (International Academy of Osteopathy).

A few years after starting her own business as a freelance physiotherapist, she began studying medicine at the University of Vienna. In the final year of her medical studies, she founded the Neustift practice and continued to work as a physiotherapist parallel to the rotation at Hanusch KH as well as the teaching practice with Dr. Haden, also during the nine-month maternity leave as an assistant physician for physical medicine.

Further training such as acupuncture, ÖÄK diploma as an emergency doctor and FDM therapy (fascia distortion model) followed. She gained experience abroad in Florence, Thailand and Buenos Aires, as well as at various congresses in Italy, Spain, Germany and Denmark. Since 2019, she has been working as an elective general practitioner and freelance physiotherapist in the Neustift practice.