Mag. art. Tina Nitsche

Tina Nitsche is a self-employed Shiatsu practitioner.

Through her acting training at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, she developed a strong interest in dealing with the body and various emotional and physical states of tension. Her training in Shiatsu took place at the Shiatsu School of Attunement (diploma thesis: cystitis from a Far Eastern perspective). She has been gaining experience as a shiatsu practitioner for over 15 years at the Weissen Hof in rehabilitation, as well as at the Ayurveda Verein Nexenhof and mostly as an independent shiatsu practitioner in Vienna and Neulengbach. She has been working in the Neustift practice since 2016. Individual therapy focuses on maintaining and supporting health, as well as activating the meridian system for physical and mental well-being are the aim of her work.