Prof. DDr. Eva Untersmayr-Elsenhuber

Eva Untersmayr was born in Linz and studied medicine in Vienna and Florence, graduating in 2002 with a doctorate (Dr. med. univ.). As early as 2001, she began researching food allergies at the Institute of Pathophysiology as part of her dissertation. While still training to become a specialist in immunology, she was already able to habilitate in 2007 and found her independent working group “Gastrointestinal Immunology”.

In 2011, Eva Untersmayr-Elsenhuber completed her specialist training. Since then, Untersmayr-Elsenhuber has worked as a specialist and associate professor at the ” Institute of Pathophysiology and Allergy Research at the Medical University of Vienna.

In 2012, Eva Untersmayr-Elsenhuber completed her part-time doctoral studies in natural sciences at the University of Salzburg and received her doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.).

Dr. Untersmayr-Elsenhuber is the author of more than 40 internationally acclaimed articles published in renowned journals, which have so far been cited more than 1000 times by other authors in publications. For her work in the field of food allergy, Untersmayr-Elsenhuber has received numerous prizes such as the Pirquet Prize, the most important prize in the field of allergy research of the Austrian Society for Allergology and Immunology, the Theodor Billroth Prize of the Medical Association of Vienna and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce Prize 2014.

In addition, Dr Eva Untersmayr-Elsenhuber has led and managed numerous competitively funded research projects on food allergy, gastrointestinal immunology and oncology since 2005. She is a member of national and international committees such as the Austrian and European Societies for Allergolgy and Immunology and the Collegium Internationale Allergologicum.

Dr. Untersmayr-Elsenhuber has participated in numerous science communication activities for years, such as the production of information brochures, the Children’s University, the Long Night of Research and Science at the VHS Vienna.