“Psychotherapy is an independent healing method in the health sector for the treatment of psychological, psychosocial or psychosomatic behavioural disorders and states of suffering.”

“Hypnosis psychotherapy is a depth-psychological psychotherapy method in which a person’s ability to enter a trance is used for healing purposes.”

“Hypnotherapy is a scientifically recognised method-specific orientation in Austria that is reserved for psychotherapists.

In the field of psychotherapy, the scientific method-specific orientation of hypnosis psychotherapy is one of the so-called suggestive procedures and methods of trance work.

The central concept of hypnosis psychotherapy, which is also based on depth psychology, is the assumption that the altered state of consciousness facilitates access to unconscious and primary processes.

Hypnotic trance at various depths opens up a wide range of therapeutic possibilities. For example, the patient can enter into dialogue with unconscious parts of their personality, gather inner peace and strength and make these available for certain situations, dream about a problem or question under hypnosis and analyse this dream with psychotherapy professionals or create ideas about the future under trance and derive perspectives for the present from this.

This scientifically based hypnosis psychotherapy must be strictly distinguished from non-therapeutic hypnosis, such as that demonstrated in shows by hypnotists, which leads to an apparent loss of will in the hypnotised person, or from those hypnosis offers that are applied as learned techniques.
Studies on the effectiveness and mode of action are only available with regard to scientifically recognised hypnosis psychotherapy.”

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Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection 

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