The treatment of the youngest among us requires special care. Problems detected early can be treated more easily and allow them to grow up without worries.

Medical support:

  • Vaccination passport checks, vaccination, travel vaccination
  • In case of postural defects or pain of the musculoskeletal system: training planning

Children’s physiotherapy:

  • Rehabilitation after accidents and injuries
  • Training and manual therapy for musculoskeletal pain and tension
  • Posture and leg axis training for poor posture

Child massage:

  • Classical children’s massage
  • Shonishin

What is Shonishin?

Japanese children’s acupuncture Shonishin is a form of acupuncture specifically designed for children.
It is a pleasant and non-invasive method that, unlike classical acupuncture, does not use needles at all.

How is Shonishin performed?

Special Shonishin needles are used. These blunt instruments are used to treat the surface of the body with linear strokes, pressure. Tapping and vibration techniques.
In this way reflex zones, meridian sections and acupuncture points can be stimulated.

What does Shonishin do?

The aim is to regulate the flow of energy. The energy is made to flow again and tensions are released. Children sleep well and digestion is regulated.

Application areas

Shonishin has proved particularly effective for sleep disorders, restlessness, writing babies, susceptibility to infections. Shonishin is also used by many paediatricians in Japan to prevent infections in healthy children and to maintain their state of health.

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Dr. med. univ. Katharina Schrei

Dr. Katharina Schrei

General medicine

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Dr. med. univ. Mag. Sophie Chabert


We are at your service.

We are at your service